Tips for Tokyo

This fantastic city has so much to offer – these are just a few of the little things we loved.

First things first… Look up! Street level shops are only one layer. The buildings often have several completely different shops inside for you to access.

Arcades in Tokyo are great places to visit, often huge places with several floors of different themes to explore. Create Kawaii caricatures of yourselves in giant photobooths? Yes please! Tsum tsum on 4ft adjacent screens? Yes please! Bash huge drums in time and technique to Japanese music? Yes please!
Battle it out as Lightning on Final Fantasy Dissidia? … Just us? ok.

Capsule machines (AKA Gashapon) are on the corner of every street and contents vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. Of course there are the classic/obscure anime characters, but we had more fun trying to find the most bizarre. Overweight army soldiers, life-like mushrooms and ladies squished by wine glasses, Pokemon, and if you’re into train spotting there’s even a pin for you.

Sake ‘one cup’. Drinking alcohol in Tokyo isn’t cheap – especially if you don’t pick your bar carefully. Sake one cup are are a glorious invention – a glass of delicious sake with a tin lid, for you to enjoy… Who needs a can of lager when you can have a sake one cup?!

Matcha tea flavoured. No, I haven’t missed a word out there – in Japan you will find Matcha tea flavoured everything. Our ultimate favourite was matcha ice cream after exploring the gigantic Yoyogi park.

Not being able to read Japanese, buying things was often a bit of a surprise when we opened the packet – buying a packet of crisps and finding it also contained small dried whole fish! But it’s experiences like these that made the whole trip so much fun. Anyone got any great finds they can share?!

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